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Priti A. Choudhry


Priti Choudhry is the regional director for Operation Blessing in South Asia. She has served on the board of Operation Blessing India for nearly a decade, leading programs in clean water, health, and education across the region. She has worked extensively with staff at the grass root level to reimagine development in the communities they serve. She believes that while we may not be able to help everyone, for those we do, we must dare to dream big.

Notable among the programs she has initiated is The Tree of Life Medical Clinics, which gives excellent medical care to the needy in urban slum areas. She had led Operation Blessing initiatives from the frontlines for disasters in Nepal and India, providing much-needed relief and restoration of livelihood. Over the years, Priti has forged close partnerships with mission hospitals in the nation that made life-saving medical assistance possible for many during the deadly second wave of the pandemic. Operation Blessing India champions inclusion, and Priti is especially privileged to work with differently abled artisans.

Priti is a media professional with several years in mainstream media, producing for Star TV, BBC World, CNN before coming to work with CBN. She works with humanitarian and creative teams to develop and communicate community strengthening awareness programs, all while maintaining a strict reuse, recycle, and reduce org culture.

Priti has master’s degrees in history and in mass communication. She lives in Delhi, where she was born and raised and is learning to farm in the Himalayan mountains. Priti is also a kickboxing enthusiast.

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