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Nely Hergendi


Nely Hergendi has served as the chairman of Obor Berkat (Operation Blessing) Indonesia since 2018. She has also served as the COO of CBN Indonesia and is a member of CBN Indonesia’s board of directors.

Nely joined CBN Indonesia in 1999 as a finance manager and then as vice president of finance and administration. In 2008, she pursued her passion in the media industry and worked for an extensive TV network as a human resources and finance director. She was also a member of the company’s social responsibility board.

In 2016, Nely returned to CBN Indonesia and served as a project manager for Superbook Indonesia where she successfully collaborated with thousands of churches that are now the leading partners for Obor Berkat Indonesia.

She oversees CBN Indonesia’s television and digital programming and Obor Berkat Indonesia. Her passion is for Indonesia to know the love of Jesus through media and humanitarian work. Nely was appointed as chairman of Obor Berkat Indonesia in 2018 by the Obor Berkat Indonesia board of patrons.

Nely and her husband reside in Jakarta and have two children.

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