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Meagan Taylor

 Southern Africa

Meagan Taylor has worked at CBN Southern Africa in various capacities since joining the team in 2017. As an integral part of the inner workings of CBN Southern Africa over the past six years, Meagan has fulfilled roles such as partnerships and sustainability manager and operation manager before stepping into the role of director for southern Africa in 2022. Meagan describes herself as a highly positive, innovative, and entrepreneurial individual who thrives on consistently raising the standards of personal and professional excellence.

Meagan has a professional background in project management and multimedia production. She values serving, creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation in the NGO sector and is dedicated to community involvement and advancement in southern Africa so it can be the hands and feet of Jesus in a practical way. Meagan oversees a range of Operation Blessing initiatives in southern Africa, such as projects for disaster relief, health, livelihood, and food security.

As a wife and mother of three young children, Meagan is also passionate about family care, evangelism, and community development.

She is quoted to say, “I enjoy getting people excited about the same things that I am: God, strong families, and healthy communities.”

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