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Walai Jantawiboon


Walai Jantawiboon leads the Operation Blessing Thailand team and is also the national director of CBN Thailand. She joined CBN in June 2012.

Walai earned a master’s degree from Baylor School of Social Work, presently called, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work. Before joining CBN, she served as the director of Opportunity Foundation providing holistic care and defending the rights of vulnerable children who experienced domestic violence or any form of abuse.  She is also part of the Coalition of Protestant Churches in Thailand that serve the tsunami-affected population through local churches.

The goal of Operation Blessing Thailand is to inspire, empower, and serve local churches to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Thai communities where the population of Christians is less than 1%. Operation Blessing Thailand includes clean water projects, livelihood development for families in need, healthcare, and medical programs. The programs of Operation Blessing Thailand reach the highlands and the lowlands, as well as the cities and suburban areas, all in close collaboration with local churches.

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