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Dr. Felix Oisamoje

West Africa

Dr. Felix Oisamoje is the Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) regional director for Anglophone West Africa, with oversight functions over the media and humanitarian operations of Operation Blessing in Nigeria and the rest of the Anglophone West Africa sub-region.

He holds an honorary bachelor’s degree in theatre arts from the University of Calabar, Nigeria and a master’s degree from the University of Ibadan, also in Nigeria. In 2011, he earned a doctorate degree in strategic leadership and entrepreneurship at Regent University’s School of Business and Leadership.

Felix has had varied experiences working as an instructor, producer, and director with Africa’s largest television network, the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). Prior to joining CBN he lectured at the University of Abuja, Nigeria, for four years where he headed the Department of Theatre Arts.

Felix is a certified practitioner of advertising in Nigeria and is also accredited as a training consultant by the federal government of Nigeria. He has won several honors, including the 1998 Golden Eagle (USA) award as production manager for the Nigerian evangelical film Heart of the Father and the 2009 Telly Award (USA) as executive producer for the PSA “What Is a Man?”

Felix and his family reside in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

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