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Support For Lake Charles Flood Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA- Meet Mary, a proud life-long resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana. She has lived through countless storms, hurricanes, and severe weather patterns. But she has never experienced anything like the recent flood. As the waters rose, Mary could barely believe it. She had to escape her home. And she watched in horror as several feet of water engulfed her community in a matter of hours.

Flood Damage 

When she finally returned, the sight of her damaged home devastated Mary. Now she and so many others desperately needed someone to provide them with flood relief in Lake Charles. She discovered mold throughout the house. All the walls, floors, and furniture had to be removed. On top of that, Mary did not have flood insurance. The task of cleaning up and starting over seemed too expensive to hire help and too big to complete by herself. Mary didn’t know where to turn.  

Flood Relief For Lake Charles 

But that is when YOU stepped in! Your love made it possible for Operation Blessing teams to travel to her community and provide Lake Charles flood relief. Your kindness supports volunteers who work tirelessly mucking and gutting out these damaged homes, clearing debris, and offering spiritual support to disaster victims. Mary has been blessed by your generosity. Thank you! To learn how you can get involved, visit

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