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Love in Physical Form

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

WORLDWIDE – Sometimes love takes on a physical form. Whether through a nurse’s tender touch, a doctor’s lifesaving intervention, a volunteer’s nurturing care, or a bottle of vital medicine, you show your love to the world’s most vulnerable every single day. By partnering with Operation Blessing, you make sure that our many medical programs keep blessing those in need. When they need it most. Thank you!

Wilson received a life-changing surgery for his cleft lip.

Life-Changing Surgeries
Through cleft lip repairs that heal smiles, surgeries to restore eye sight, heart operations that save lives, and more, you are literally changing futures around the globe through life-changing surgeries.

Baby receives care at a free medical brigade in Haiti.

Medical and Dental Brigades
In areas where health care isn’t readily available or affordable, you provide physical care through medical and dental brigades. These bring hope and healing to entire communities, enabling them to pursue a brighter and healthier future.

Community health workers like Frida give love in physical form.

Community Health Workers
Your support allows Operation Blessing to train volunteer Community Health Workers to serve as front line health promoters in remote villages where medical care is hard to reach, bringing vital care and information to those in need.

Mother and child get free medicine in Latin America.

Medicine and Supplies
When large corporations donate a wealth of medicines, medical supplies, and more, you help us collect, transport, and distribute these gifts. In this way we make the most of your generous support.

Boy receives mosquito repellent to prevent disease.

Disease Prevention
Often the best treatment is prevention. You provide classes in hygiene, health, dental care and nutrition, as well as health screenings for illnesses like cervical cancer and mosquito prevention supplies.

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  • Cindi Gutiérrez says:

    Doy gracias a Dios por poner ángeles como todo los que forman esta operación, doy gracias por la ayuda que an brindado a muchos lugares en especial a la escuela oficial de párvulos ciudad satélite, la ayuda me a servido de mucha bendición 🙌🙌🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️Dios es fiel y misericordioso 🙌🙌