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Warmer Beds, Warmer Hearts

Field Report by Operation Blessing

KENYA – For some, the sound of rain coming down outside is calming and therapeutic. The aroma of food cooking stimulates the senses and brings forth comforting thoughts. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Rajab and his family living in a quiet village in eastern Kenya.

While Kenyans in other areas of the country suffered debilitating drought, the harsh reality for Rajab was that when it rained outside, he had to improvise a way to keep the water from pouring into his home. At night, the cold would seep inside, chilling their bones. This dilapidated old house was a testament to their trials. Rajab and his family needed a new house in Kenya.

housing project in Kenya

“The roof had a lot of holes, and it leaked a lot when it rained,” Rajab told us. “It was usually very cold inside the house. That’s why I tried to patch the holes with pieces of sacks and such things.”

But that wasn’t the only problem. “Sometimes the smoke from the open kitchen became too much—it filled the house and made the children stay outside in the dark at night,” added Rajab’s wife. “So, I couldn’t cook during the evening, and that was very inconvenient. The smoke irritated the children’s eyes, so they kept rubbing and hurting their eyes.”

Rajab faced a heartbreaking dilemma. Should he put education first and pay fees associated with his children’s schooling? Or would it be better to put what little money he earned toward repairing their home? Despite his desperate attempts to find work, he simply couldn’t afford both.

new Kenya home

From Hope to New Housing

You were like a miracle, when you entered their lives through Operation Blessing. With the help of a housing project, Rajab’s family received a new home in Kenya—a haven of comfort and joy. The new house is a source of warmth, a relief from the cold they had grown accustomed to. The holes in the roof are gone, replaced by a sturdy, leak-free covering.

Proper ventilation in their new kitchen has banished the smoke that once filled their house. Rajab’s children now have their very own bedroom, a space they cherish thanks to you.

“One of the best things about this new house is, it is very warm,” said Rajab’s wife. “We have a new kitchen, so we don’t suffer from the smoke anymore. My children can study comfortably; there is no more smoke to irritate their eyes! My children are really happy about their bedroom. They are proud of it, and they have fun in their room. They are very happy because they are sleeping in a warm room and in nice beds!”

A New Home in Kenya and a Rainwater Catchment System

Thanks to the outpouring of kindness from friends like you, Rajab and his family have a new home in Kenya. A safe shelter that protects them from the harsh elements and even came with a rainwater catchment system to provide clean water. “Thank you so much,” exclaimed a relieved Rajab, who had carried the weight of this struggle for years. “May God bless you and prosper you!”

You also helped them via a goat-rearing project that provides extra income for the family. Rajab’s family was forever changed by your act of compassion. As they gathered around their living room for a cup of tea, they knew that despite life’s challenges, their journey was now illuminated by the light of your love and support.

rainwater catchment system in Kenya

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