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A New House and Water for Dora in Kenya

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Meet Dora, a single grandmother from Loitoktok, Kenya. She spends her days raising her grandchildren. For many years they lived in a manyatta, a style of home in Kenya made from sticks, cow dung, and thatch grass. That was before you gave them a new home in Kenya!

Before You Came Along

Previously, Dora and her family lived and cooked in the same small structure. The smoke from the fire used for cooking caused eye and lung irritation, making it difficult for Dora’s grandchildren to study.  

When it rained their roof leaked, and Dora’s family stayed awake all night covering themselves with a cow hide just to stay dry. But through it all, Dora never lost hope. She prayed to God for a blessing.  

How You Provided Dora with a New Home

And thanks to generous friends like you, Operation Blessing constructed a new home in Kenya for Dora and her family! The structure is now dry and secure with brick walls and a metal roof. You also provided a rain water harvesting system. Now Dora has drinking water right by her doorstep. Thank you for your heart to see Dora and her family cared for in their desperate time. To get involved, visit

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