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Ohio Tornado Survivor Shares His Heart

Field Report by Operation Blessing

OHIO – A devastating tornado tore through communities in Wapakoneta, Ohio, leaving several homes destroyed. Displaced locals like veteran and widower Robert Williams felt blessed to be alive. Robert said, “I feel like it was a miracle, because, had I been home, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here now.”

Ohio Tornado Survivor

“I can’t be thankful enough for everything you guys have done…Thank you. And I thank God for you.”

Surviving the Ohio Tornado

Robert shared the traumatic experience. “Well, I was laying on my bed, taking a nap, and something woke me up, made me feel like I should get out of my camper.” Though he narrowly escaped the tornado, when Robert came home, he found that the entire campground where he lived was destroyed. He said there were, “Campers thrown everywhere, debris everywhere, people’s personal belongings everywhere.”

tornado damage in Ohio

Since Robert survived, he is beyond grateful and trying to trust God will turn this situation towards his good. “I believe God has a purpose for me, and that’s why I’m still here. I just believe he has a purpose for all of us.”

Friends Like You Were There for Him

Operation Blessing deployed the disaster relief team to Ohio to help those in need. With the generous support of friends like you, the team was able to give displaced families a place to stay in hotels and food to meet their daily needs.

Robert said, “I’m very grateful to Operation Blessing for giving me a place to stay and bringing me hot meals every day, offering me any care that I need from a place to stay to spiritual to mental. It’s just been a wonderful blessing. I can’t thank them enough.”

His conclusion was sobering: “I could be sleeping in my car, but instead I’m staying in a nice hotel room. I’m getting meals every day. I can’t be thankful enough for everything you guys have done, and I really appreciate it. Thank you.”

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