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Operation Blessing Partners Provide Aid to Haiti Quake Victims

Field Report by Holly Combs

HAITI – The aftermath of the earthquake that rocked the southern part of Haiti resulted in devastation and death. Given the existing political and social unrest, Haiti quake victims have experienced tremendous suffering.

Helping Haiti Quake Victims

Thanks to our compassionate partners, Operation Blessing’s office in Haiti has been aiding and assisting local hospitals, providing much needed support since the earthquake struck. Though the situation is tenuous, the Haiti team continues to be vigilant as they travel through a dangerous region to provide aid to the needy and supplies for patients at a hospital in Les Cayes.

Haiti Quake Victims

Given the aftermath of the earthquake and the passing of a tropical storm, the southern part of Haiti is reeling from back-to-back natural disasters. Gang violence coupled with the social unrest further hamper the lives of those who have lost so much and are without basic necessities.

Because of friends like you, Operation Blessing’s International Disaster Response Team, including a medical doctor and clean water specialist, departed the Operation Blessing headquarters on August 17 and are en route with much needed supplies that included generators, water purification equipment, chlorine tablets, and other essentials.

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Once the team arrives, they will assess the situation, and provide support to those whose needs are great. The Haiti team is working to provide clean water to the population affected by the earthquake disaster through water purification equipment, calcium hypochlorite tablets and sodium hypochlorite production. In addition, the team will offer training on disinfecting water in places of worship, soup kitchens, markets, and hospitals.

Thank you for supporting Operation Blessing and these efforts to bring aid to the hurting in the wake of such devastation. Haiti quake victims are receiving help and hope thanks to you.

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