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When Cowboys Cry: Operation Blessing Responds to Texas Wildfires

Field Report by Operation Blessing

TEXAS – The Operation Blessing team has arrived in the Texas Panhandle in response to the worst wildfires in Texas history that have scorched more than a million acres. Since arriving, Operation Blessing team members have been visiting regional churches to assess the need and see how—thanks to your support—we can provide resources to those affected.

Staff member Haley Henson said, “I was able to speak with Hutchinson County Commissioner Chris Prock, as well as a rancher from the area named Shannon about the magnitude of the destruction.”

Heartbreak in Texas

Chris told us, “We lost several hundred structures to the fire. It went through some of our neighborhoods. And some of our residents came to home to find that their house was completely demolished by this fire that moved through really quickly.”

Next we talked to Shannon who shared his story with us. “I turned off the highway to come in here and there was fire raging on both sides of me. I couldn’t see the road, and when I got to the gate my entrance was on fire. So I just had to keep going, and I finally made it out of the smoke and away from everything. I got up on top [of a hill], and I just watched the fire come across here. At the Cracklin’ J Ranch we lost around 5,000 acres of grass. This has been a very devastating time for our area of the Texas Panhandle.”

Haley said, “Everywhere you go you can smell the stench of smoke and char. Many of us have heard the term cowboys don’t cry, but in the panhandle of Texas where they’ve lost livestock and homes, it will bring a cowboy to tears.”

Shannon indeed grew emotional as he continued. “That’s what we pride ourselves on—being good stewards of the land and being good stewards of our livestock also. So it’s hit hard. It was just a helpless feeling.”

Providing Help After the Texas Wildfires

Thanks to love and support from donors like you, more of our Operation Blessing team members are on their way with trucks loaded with supplies such as hygiene kits, cleaning kits, food, water, and more. With your help, we will continue to bless this community through prayer and emotional support, and provide whatever we can in the aftermath of the Texas wildfires.

Texas wildfire damage relief

“Having organizations like Operation Blessing show up, a global organization, just to show they care and say, ‘Hey, what can we do for your community? We’re here for you. How can we meet that need?’ It’s just a huge blessing to us,” said Commissioner Chris.

This would not be possible without our Operation Blessing supporters and friends like you! Thank you for allowing us to be the hands and feet of Jesus and extend Christ-like compassion to those that are hurting.

To help disaster victims at this time, please visit

Damaged ranch in Texas following Texas wildfires

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