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A Father’s Battle Against Poverty and Hunger

Field Report by Operation Blessing

KENYA – As dawn flooded the outskirts of Nairobi, Wycliffe emerged from his home tired but determined. This loving father was on a mission—a mission to shield his children from a life spent in poverty and hunger. But with every temporary job he took, Wycliffe’s hope to provide for his family faded.

Wycliffe and his wife, Linda, reached out for loans and relied on the kindness of a local shop for just enough food to keep the family from starving, promising to make small payments whenever they were able.

As he was unable to pay the necessary school fees, Wycliffe’s children, Ryan (10) and Precious (6), remained at home with their mom and the baby while he looked for work each day. “It hurt me deeply to see other kids in school while mine stayed home,” Wycliffe said. “At times, I struggled to explain to them why they couldn’t stay in school consistently.”

overcoming hunger

The Cruel Impact of Poverty and Hunger

Sometimes even prayer felt hollow—drowned out by the needs of his hungry children. Needs caused by the cruel impact of poverty and hunger. Little did Wycliffe know that support was coming.

Thanks to friends like you, the tide was about to turn in his favor. You became the answer to this father’s prayers and extended a helping hand that would alter the course of this family’s life forever.

Because of your kindness, Wycliffe was given a food cart complete with charcoal, sausages, eggs, and even packing paper—everything he would need to start his own business. Your gift of a microenterprise empowered him to lift his family out of destitute poverty.

Wycliffe’s food cart proved a remarkable success, allowing him to not only provide daily meals for his little ones but also to pay back every debt owed. Your compassionate support also gave him the ability to cover the cost for his children’s return to school—where they can once again learn, play, and grow.

“I have been able to create a ripple effect of opportunities,” Wycliffe shared, brimming with optimism. “We bless the people from whom we get the charcoal, the eggs and sausages we sell, the sauces and tomato onion salad we use.”

beating poverty in Kenya

From Lack to Abundance

In fact, business is so good that Wycliffe plans to expand! Excited for what the future holds, Wycliffe said, “I am hoping to get another food cart soon and be able to have another stand at a different location. … My wife can have one of her own … and we can make double the profits to grow our family together.”

Now, as a new dawn breaks over Nairobi, Wycliffe stands tall as a provider, protector, and of course, proud papa. His battle against poverty and hunger, which once seemed lonely, silent, and endless, is being won, all thanks to your dedicated support.

“Just the name ‘Blessing’ in Operation Blessing is exactly what that was for me,” Wycliffe said gratefully. “You have been the blessing and breakthrough I so much needed and hoped for.”

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