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Hot Meals Prepped and Delivered to KY Flood Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

KENTUCKY – Operation Blessing prepared and delivered thousands of meals to the communities devastated by unprecedented flooding in eastern Kentucky this summer. Providing food to flood victims is essential for those who now find their homes and communities in total disarray. The worst part is there is no set timeline for when things will return to normal. This only adds to the strain for Kentucky flood victims.

Many flood victims have lost not only personal items, but also kitchen appliances, refrigerators, and food. Because many people already suffer from food insecurity due to economic reasons, it can often be a major negative factor after a natural disaster. Many people no longer have access to supplies due to the complications that follow a natural disaster.

Lack of transportation or access to groceries and even impassable roads are just a few of the things that can start the spiral of hunger. Tragically, families are going without meals and relying on outside help to feed their children. Since so much has been taken from them due to this natural disaster, they must struggle daily for things many of us take for granted—like food.

The Importance Of Providing Food To Flood Victims

 One person dedicated to helping eastern Kentucky flood victims is chef Ben Bennett. Chef Bennett and Operation Blessing volunteers say that even in the worst of conditions, a hot meal made with love is one way to offer hope to those who are struggling. The chef knows how the simple comfort of warm food can mean so much to people who have so little. 

With the help of our partners, Operation Blessing is showing love through tangible assistance and shining as lights in a dark place.

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