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Providing Relief after Southeast Tornadoes

Field Report by Jonathan Macnab

FLORIDA – A series of severe thunderstorms caused widespread damage across the country as tornadoes struck multiple states. Panama City Beach, Florida, was one area where a twister caused extensive damage, demolishing buildings and leaving the people in great need of Southeast tornado relief.

Relief Teams Deployed in Florida

Operation Blessing immediately deployed, utilizing supplies from our Ocala, Florida warehouse strategically positioned nearby. Our team of staff and volunteers from Lighthouse Church are on the ground in the community offering help and hope through roof tarping and removal of downed trees and debris. Though recovery is always difficult, friends like you make sure that Floridians won’t have to do it alone.

Preparing for Multiple Responses – Southeast Tornado Relief

Deadly twisters devastated communities across the U.S. and cost lives, impacting towns in Alabama as well. As storm survivors face downed trees and ruined homes and businesses, help is on the way.

One hard-hit area is Cottonwood, AL, and our relief team is assessing areas in and around that region to determine where the needs are greatest. Because of generous supporters who donated before these storms ever came, relief supplies are also on the way to affected areas—along with a mobile kitchen to serve hot meals! Sometimes it’s the little things like a hot meal that make all the difference for someone struggling in the aftermath of a disaster.

In times like this, we need to band together to help those in need. You can be a part of rescuing the helpless during disasters and restoring hope to those who have lost loved so much. As generous people like you give and pray, it truly makes a difference for those in need!

Friends Like YOU Can Help!

Thank you for your compassionate heart. Please remember to pray for those who are suffering after this tragic event. You can be part of changing lives after a disaster strikes when you partner and volunteer with Operation Blessing. Find out how when you visit and today!

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