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Recovering From An EF3 Tornado

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Cheryl and Peter were asleep when an EF3 tornado tore through their neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. Like most tornadoes, it struck quickly and with ferocity. The tornado caused extreme damage to their property. The fast moving twister even tore a tree out of the ground and threw into their home. Terror washed over them. They were in fear for their lives. 

Thankfully they made it through safely, and insurance covered the damage to their home. However, home damage does not encompass all of the expense in a disaster situation. Tornadoes destroy yards. They uproot trees. They tear fences and smash anything on your property. Consequently, the amount of debris left after a tornado can be significant. Hiring a contractor to remove debris can cost thousands of dollars. So what do you do when you do not have that kind of money available? 

Cleaning Up Tornado Debris

Sadly, the insurance did not cover tornado debris cleanup in the yard. Peter was left alone to clean up the debris, including other fallen trees. He felt overwhelmed by the size of the job. That is when Operation Blessing showed up! Thanks to YOU, volunteers arrived with truckloads full of supplies that your generosity helped provide. We are able to help meet disaster victims’ needs in these trying situations. 

In addition to supplies, Operation Blessing also provided the manpower to help clear storm wreckage. Our teams cut trees, cleared debris, and removed the weight off of Peter’s shoulders. Thank you for supporting disaster victims in their darkest hour! To get involved, visit

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