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Relief for Homeowner Devastated by Hurricane Laura

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Georgiana and her children fled Lake Charles when they saw Hurricane Laura was forecasted to make landfall as a category 4. Even her husband, who has stayed behind to endure hurricanes in the past, decided to evacuate. They hoped that the storm would spare their house. But when they arrived back home the hurricane damage was everywhere. Georgiana and her family saw that their lives were devastated by Hurricane Laura. Their home, while still standing, had been ravaged by the storm. The doors to their home were blown open, making way for wind, rain, and debris to soak and cover their home, floor to ceiling. Their yard was covered in fallen branches. The amount of work to be done seemed insurmountable as their home and yard were devastated by Hurricane Laura.

But hope was not far behind! Thanks to our generous partners, Operation Blessing volunteers arrived to take action for Georgiana’s family. Debris was cleared, trees were rid of hanging branches, and their home was mucked out. Georgiana described the work done in just a few hours as something that would have taken them months! Your gift made it possible to respond in her family’s darkest hour. Thank you for your heart to see disaster victims cared for.

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