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Relief for Kenyan Landslide Victims

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

KENYA – Although you might not have heard much about it in the news, the Pokot area of Kenya has faced severe devastation in recent days.

Floods and Landslides Strike Pokot

Floods and landslides have killed over 50 people, including children who were swept away from their families. Crops and livestock have been destroyed. And thousands have been displaced by the torrents of water and mud.

Many Kenyan landslide and flood victims have been forced into campgrounds to survive. Meanwhile, aid organizations have had a difficult time getting supplies to this hard to reach area.

You Sent Disaster Relief

Thankfully, because of your support, we moved quickly to the scene. Operation Blessing was able to work with contacts in the area and get the much-needed items to the victims. You sent blankets, mosquito nets, solar lamps, and clean water sources.

Our teams began by distributing disaster relief supplies to those who had lost their homes completely. Thanks to you, we then passed out more supplies to those unable to return to homes in vulnerable locations. You helped approximately 1,800 people.

Simon lost his home, his wife, and his three children, but he found the strength to smile when he received his gifts of aid. Naomi lost a child, a brother, home, crops, and livestock. Yet she still found time to help as a volunteer to distribute the supplies.

Please keep the Kenyan landslide and flood victims in your thoughts and prayers. And consider giving a special gift today.

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