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Saving a Child’s Life Through Surgery in Tanzania

Field Report by Operation Blessing

TANZANIA – Innocent was born with a small cyst on the back of his head that soon turned into a life-threatening health issue. The cyst grew so large, Innocent couldn’t move his head. Ultimately, this child’s life could only be helped through surgery in Tanzania.

Innocent’s mother told OB staff, “He cries a lot, and cannot move his head. At times, he tries to grab at the mass because it hurts.”

Innocent’s life was in danger due to this mass. If it were to rupture, Innocent could have died from meningitis. His mother was unable to afford the surgery her baby desperately needed. “I do my very best to care for him and make sure he does not bump into things. I’m afraid he will die,” his mother said. “I pray every day that he will get treatment somehow and that God will heal him.”

And thanks to you, Innocent did get that treatment for the cyst on his head. Innocent and his mother traveled six long hours to Operation Blessing partner Plaster House, where the baby’s surgery was provided by your generosity.

Thanks to you, Innocent has much to look forward to. The happy baby is growing up big and strong because of your incredible support. “I’m amazed that you were able to help me,” Innocent’s mother exclaimed. “He is such a happy baby now, and has grown so strong. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!”

This is all thanks to friends like you. Click here to learn more about Operation Blessing’s life-changing surgery program. You are giving the gift of life to patients like Innocent all over the world.

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