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Singing Praises for Food in Kenya

Field Report by Operation Blessing

TUBCHA VILLAGE, KENYA — Tubcha Village is withering away. The small community in the Marsabit area of Kenya is experiencing a devastating drought. As a livestock town, most families raise and sell goats and camels for their primary source of income. But due to the drought in Northern Kenya, livestock are sadly perishing by the hundreds. The few that survive are small and thin, and only fetch a small sum at the market.

Gulmato is one woman who has been affected by the severe drought. Her family has lost over 50 animals due to the drought. Gulmato and her children rapidly ran out of food and money. To get by, Gulmato borrowed from a local lender. But soon her debts piled up too high, and she could no longer get credit. Desperate, Gulmato gave any food she could get her hands on to her children, and went hungry herself. Hungry, thirsty, and out of options, Gulmato’s family was facing starvation.

Fighting Drought In Northern Kenya

But hope was on the horizon for Gulmato and her precious children. Your love and support sent a shipment of food packages to Tubcha Village just in the nick of time.

Gulmato, along with her entire village, received the food they so desperately needed. Every family gathered to receive their package as they sang praises. Back at home, Gulmato literally sang as she prepared a proper meal for her family.

“Before Operation Blessing brought us this food, my family did not have anything left to eat.” Gulmato told Operation Blessing staff. “All our food was gone, and I don’t know what would have happened to us!” The family joyfully ate and filled their hungry bellies, thanks to your incredible generosity. Thank you for providing food for the hungry in Kenya and all across the globe!

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