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Bringing Joy Through Surgery

Field Report by Operation Blessing

INDIA – Little Abhijeet’s life was off to a difficult start. At 4 years old, he had a massive cyst on his forehead. Even though it was benign, it caused a lot of problems. The massive cyst pressed against his left eye, pushing it closed and obstructing his vision. And when it swelled, his eye watered.

Suffering Through The Affliction

Like most young boys, Abhijeet loved to run and play, but his vision problems meant he often lost his balance and fell down. He couldn’t even walk properly. He needed constant supervision and assistance.

As you can imagine, Abhijeet’s parents worried about their only son. But the remote rural village in India where they lived didn’t offer many options. Plus, as farmers, they simply didn’t have any extra income to save toward the surgery he desperately needed. Abhijeet’s father already worked hard to pick up extra jobs to cover their most basic household expenses, leaving his wife, Gunita, at home to care for their boy. “We are very poor, and we are unable to manage the expenses required for surgery,” she told us. “We are afraid for him and his future.”

They took Abhijeet to a more modestly priced government hospital close to their village, but sadly, the facility was not equipped to do a surgery like this. He needed a private hospital. Gunita was crushed.

surgery for a child in need in India

Removing The Massive Cyst

That’s when compassionate supporters like you stepped in to help. A group of Operation Blessing friends pooled their resources and provided the surgery to remove the massive cyst on Abhijeet’s forehead for this precious family—paid in full.

After his operation, Abhijeet could see clearly for the first time in his life. He could
walk, run, and play with other children his age without difficulty. This little boy couldn’t contain his joy! You also brought joy to his suffering parents. “It was impossible for me to bear the cost as well as see my son suffer,” said Abhijeet’s father. “It brings me and my wife joy to see his face and see him smile.”

child cyst surgery

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