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“The Hunger is Going to Kill Us”

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PUNO, PERU – “They are saying the pandemic itself will not kill us, but hunger will.” These words echo the thoughts of hundreds of men and women across Peru. The shutdowns due to COVID-19 have wreaked havoc on the livelihoods of Peruvian families. 33-year-old Judit is a single mother. She worked as a cook’s assistant, but because of COVID-19, she was laid off indefinitely. Without a job, Judit was desperate to keep food on the table for her 5 children. Often, the family had to survive on nothing but boiled potatoes. For such lively children as Judit’s, this was not nearly enough sustenance. How were they to continue living their daily lives? How were they to summon the energy to play soccer, or even to finish their homework for the day? Judit despaired, and prepared to beg for scraps before she let her children go hungry.

Thank God it didn’t come to that, because YOU refused to let hunger win. Your generosity gave Operation Blessing staff in Peru the opportunity to create food packages for hundreds of families. These packages contained bag after bag of rice, along with other food items. These live-saving gifts have sustained Judit and her precious children. With a voice full of emotion, Judit told us how grateful she was for the food. This is all thanks to you and your faithful support during this global pandemic. Thank you for your heart to help the hurting.

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