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Tornado Relief in Alabama

Field Report by Operation Blessing

ALABAMA – Operation Blessing is on the ground in storm-stricken Cottonwood, providing tornado relief in Alabama. The generosity of Operation Blessing partners has made it possible to provide relief to families affected by the recent tornado. The twister that struck Cottonwood was one of many that tore through the Southeast in early January.

In a matter of minutes, multiple tornadoes caused immeasurable damage throughout the region. Now residents in small towns like Cottonwood are left to pick up the pieces. But they are not alone! Your kindness makes it possible for Operation Blessing to provide tornado relief in Alabama.

Alabama Tornado Survivor – Lottie Williams

Cottonwood resident Lottie Williams shared her story with us. “I heard the sirens go off, but I was still in bed, and when things started to hit my house, I was afraid. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window. And I see that my shed is down, and a tree fell on my truck. And I really got upset, but all I could do was turn to Jesus.” Operation Blessing met Lottie and several other families after the storm to offer much-needed water bottles, cleaning materials, and emergency food kits.

With the generosity of our Operation Blessing supporters, the disaster relief team helped Lottie clear away debris and damaged structures from her home. Lottie said, “Well, Operation Blessing, they are here to help us. They’re cleaning up, and they’re doing a wonderful job.”

While helping Lottie salvage her belongings, the team uncovered one of her treasures completely unharmed. “My Bible was found in my shed,” she said. “One of the Operation Blessing men found my Bible, and I thank him for it. And I knew everything was going to be okay because Jesus will see us through.”

She also shared her gratitude. “Well, I think Operation Blessing is a good group of people from the bottom of my heart. And I just thank you all for being here to help me and others. Thank you.”

Partner with Operation Blessing

Your faithful support is touching lives! Your dedication to help survivors of tornadoes in places like Alabama is giving hope to people who have lost so much. Learn more about what a difference partnership with Operation Blessing makes at or today!

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