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Training Healthcare Volunteers in Honduras

Field Report by Operation Blessing

COPÀN, HONDURAS – Not everyone has access to healthcare. In Honduras, many families live in remote communities that have no health clinics nearby. Their only option is to travel long distances to reach healthcare offices. The trips are often costly and laborious, taking them away from their families and work. If they can afford to make the journey, the services they need will often cost more than they can afford. Basic healthcare is a luxury that many families cannot enjoy.

Healthcare In Honduras With Volunteers

But YOUR love is changing that! All over the world, your kindness has galvanized local leaders throughout various communities to lead the charge in accessible healthcare. Operation Blessing’s community health volunteers program trains local residents in basic healthcare practices in order that they might serve their communities’ needs.

Operation Blessing traveled to Copàn, Honduras, to host a clinic and train community health volunteers. The clinic was assessing the weight and height of children under 5 years old, determining their basic nutritional status and establishing an action plan to improve their health. Your generosity makes all of this possible.

Thank you for your kindness to provide basic healthcare access to men, women, and children all over the world!

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