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Tropical Storm Hits Earthquake-Stricken Haiti

Field Report by Operation Blessing

HAITI – The residents of Haiti were left reeling after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook their country. It left homes destroyed and livelihoods lost. Many people lost loved ones in the catastrophe as well. On top of this suffering, social unrest looms throughout this Caribbean nation. Now, Haitians are enduring rain and winds from Tropical Storm Grace, adding yet another challenge for these desperate men, women, and children following the Haiti earthquake.

Dealing With Tropical Storm Grace And The Earthquake

But your love is on the move. A team from Operation Blessing Haiti is on the ground at the epicenter, assessing the need and providing critical resources to suffering families. In addition, the Operation Blessing International Disaster Relief Team is on their way to Haiti, traveling with supplies to meet the food, water, and medical needs of Haitians suffering from Tropical Storm Grace and the 2021 Haiti Earthquake. Your kindness is providing these critical resources as Haitians continue to endure the storm and begin to rebuild.

Please continue to keep Haiti in your prayers and consider how you can support these suffering families. To get involved, visit or text “OBDR” to 71777.

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