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A Tsunami of Water but Not a Drop to Drink

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

INDONESIA – When multiple earthquakes and a tsunami struck Indonesia, over 800 were killed and thousands were displaced from their homes. Despite the devastating wall of ocean water that swept over Palu City following the disasters, one of the greatest needs was clean drinking water.

Clean Water in Disasters

Obor Berkat (Operation Blessing) Indonesia moved into the area with relief just as soon as the immediate danger passed. With your help, the relief team provided emergency food, water, medical care, and solar lights to those living in makeshift camps and shelters.

However, the need for water proved great and far-reaching. Thanks to faithful supporters like you, a team of Operation Blessing water experts arrived to assess the best way to provide long term relief. Their goal: to deliver safe water technology and assist the local team in establishing a plan they could continue into the future.

On their arrival, they pinpointed locations, hospitals, and shelters in greatest need. Based on the number of people in need and other pertinent information, they chose the best safe water solution for each location.

The team also trained staff, volunteers, and community members in how to use the various safe water technologies. They distributed more than 150 H2gO handheld chlorinators, 8 SE-200 community chlorine generators, over 120 water backpacks for transporting water, and more than 40,000 water purifying Aquatabs!

Clean Water Tools Make a Difference

Each of these tools can turn unsafe water into clean, fresh water quickly and effectively, providing that vital source of life to entire communities of hurting disaster victims. In addition, you made it possible for the team set up larger systems and begin distributing huge quantities of bottled water to survivors in need.

Many children, families, and adults can’t return to their homes, either because they’ve been destroyed or for fear that the region still isn’t safe. Some of the survivors have moved to remote villages in the mountains for fear of another tsunami, and Operation Blessing has been one of the first organizations to reach them with aid.

By the time the OBI team of water experts left the area, they had trained the local staff to continue the work of supplying safe, clean water for those in need. Your ongoing support makes this kind of urgent and sustainable relief possible. Thank you for your heart to bless disaster victims like Ifa during their darkest hours.

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