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War in Ukraine – Please Send Prayer and Help!

Field Report by Operation Blessing



VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (February 24, 2022) – Operation Blessing is on the ground in Ukraine providing emergency relief and supplies to families and individuals in the cities of Kiev and Krasnohorivka.

Operation Blessing staff in multiple locations first reported sounds of explosions early this morning. The humanitarian organization deployed its teams and started the distribution of hundreds of food kits and thousands of bottles of water. Over 600 food kits, each containing enough food to last an average-sized family roughly 7-10 days, have already been distributed.

Delivering supplies to victims of Russian invasion on Ukraine

Helping Victims of War in Ukraine

This week, Operation Blessing purchased 20 electrical generators and fuel to help communities where electricity has been (or will be) disconnected. One of the generators has already been placed in a church, allowing the community to charge mobile phones and enabling people to communicate.

In one location close to the eastern frontline, Operation Blessing runs a longstanding food program that typically provides thousands of meals for over 60 children and adults each month. In anticipation of the invasion, Operation Blessing provided a generator and fuel, so as to keep the food program running for as long as possible.

“There is great need for food, water, fuel and medications throughout Ukraine, as supplies were already running short in anticipation of the invasion,” said Gordon Robertson, president of Operation Blessing. “There’s no doubt that the military operations that began today will cripple supply chains, so the situation is dire. Thanks to the generous support from Operation Blessing’s donors, we have been able to stockpile emergency supplies for the short term, but more help will be greatly needed in the weeks and months to come,” added Robertson.

Operation Blessing and its parent organization, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), have been working in the conflict zone of eastern Ukraine, including the city of Donetsk and the village of Chasiv Yar, since 2014 (note – CBN began the operations there, then the work was assigned to Operation Blessing in 2018). Operations have since broadened to include Kiev and other cities throughout Ukraine.

“Operation Blessing is committed to staying in Ukraine and helping the Ukrainian people for as long as possible. We continue to pray for the people of Ukraine,” added Robertson.

Please pray for the people of Ukraine. You can give a special gift to help victims of crisis and conflict today here.

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