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You Give Water, And Water Means Life

Field Report by Operation Blessing

HONDURAS – Honduras is such a beautiful place. The heart of Central America. It has stunning beauty: green everywhere, lots of mountains, many rivers. But there are many issues too.

Man walking in Honduras.

I find it striking when I learn there is no water in some of these places. Or there is water, but it’s not clean water. Or people don’t have access to water. Water is so important for us and for our bodies. It’s important for many aspects of life. But what happens to a family that doesn’t even have a faucet, or doesn’t have access to clean water?

A scene of jungle and a hut in rural Honduras.

When you see those beautiful children. When you meet the women here. You see how desperate they are, and how much they want help. And Operation Blessing is here to help them. Because water means life.

Clean water in Honduras.

It makes me think of all the great support Operation Blessing receives from generous friends out there like you. And that allows us to come to these beautiful places, because there is beauty all around here. But also great need. We’re able to tell the people of Honduras, “Hey, we can assist you because we’re supported by people who have great hearts. They live far away, but they say, ‘I want to help families like yours.’”

So, I want to say to you, thank you for your generosity that makes this work possible and reaches out to give the hurting this precious liquid—clean water.

*A Field Report by Hilda Romero, OB Director of Honduras

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