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Breaking Tradition from Water Scarcity in the Best Sort of Way

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PERU – Elvis trudged along the dusty path with a heavy jug slung across his slender 11-year-old frame. The sun hung high in the sky outside the village of Llinquipata as Elvis and his father began the difficult walk to collect water. Beads of sweat already trickled down Elvis’s forehead. But father and son pressed on for this essential resource their family so desperately needed. Water scarcity and struggle were all Elvis and his family had ever known.

Unfortunately, the journey to fetch water was a ritual of suffering that Elvis’s family and the community of Llinquipata had endured for generations. The remote village relied on either collecting water that ran off their tin roofs during the rainy season or on long treks for water. Elvis often undertook the exhausting journey to collect water from distant wells. The water had a distinct odor and yellowish hue. So even a successful trip came with limited reward.

Overcoming Water Scarcity with a Water Treatment System

But now, thanks to the generosity of donors like you, a new day has emerged for Elvis and his neighbors in Llinquipata. They’ve received a state-of-the-art, solar-powered water system. And the people of this remote village no longer struggle with water scarcity.

The innovative solution you helped provide includes a treatment system and an elevated tank to store clean water. A network of pipes brings this precious resource directly to the homes in the community. This eliminates the crippling journey to fetch water from dirty wells forever! The added blessing of bathrooms with biodigester toilets has given each family the power to protect their health like never before.

The End of the Generational Struggle for Clean Water

Previously, Elvis had grown up witnessing the generational struggle for clean water that had defined the lives of people like his mother, Rute. Now, donors like you have given this young boy the opportunity to become part of a historic turning point that has shattered the tradition of water scarcity. One thing is certain for Elvis, his family, and the surrounding community of Llinquipata. Some traditions deserve to be broken.

“My family and I are overjoyed,” Rute said. “We used to have to strain the water we carried to utilize it. Now, thanks to Operation Blessing, we have water very close to us, and the water has been filtered and purified. … We are really grateful for this help and blessing we received.”

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