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“Where’s My House?” Kentucky Tornado Victim Tells Her Story

Field Report by Operation Blessing

DAWSON SPRINGS, KENTUCKY – Denna was at a friend’s home when the storm came. “The lightning and the thunder and the rain and the wind were so bad,” she told Operation Blessing staff. “It sounded just like a train coming through.” Thankfully, Denna and her friend were safe across town. But what they didn’t know was that the tornadoes were wreaking havoc in Denna’s neighborhood, and she would turn out to be a Kentucky tornado victim.

The next morning, Denna made her way back to her home — or what used to be her home. Devastatingly, the tornadoes completely destroyed Denna’s house. Even the cinderblock foundation was gone. “I just fell to my knees.” said Denna. “And I grabbed my face and screamed ‘Where’s my house? Where’s my little dogs? Where’s everything that I own?’.”

Denna’s story is one of many emerging from the aftermath of the Kentucky tornadoes. But thankfully, Operation Blessing’s partners and friends have a heart for victims of disaster. Your love is sending truckloads of relief supplies like food, water, blankets, and cleaning items to Kentucky and surrounding areas.

By partnering with local churches, Operation Blessing is getting these supplies into the hands of victims like Denna. All of this is thanks to your amazing generosity. Please help provide relief and hope to victims of natural disasters like this Kentucky tornado victim.

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