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$45 Can Feed a Family in Kenya For A Month!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Would you give $45 to feed a family of 5 in Kenya for an entire month? Right now, a devastating drought is wreaking havoc across Kenya. Millions of families are suffering from lack of rainwater, which kills crops and livestock alike. Without farming as a source of income, families are starving. Both children and adults are going to bed with empty bellies for days at a time. The dry, cracked earth is a constant reminder that the hunger isn’t leaving anytime soon.

Young Rebecca said, “There are days we have slept hungry. My mother would go out to beg amongst the neighbors, but no one had any food left to spare, so she would come back empty-handed.”

Countless mothers are desperately trying to provide for their children, but the sheer scarcity of food makes this impossible. Seeing their children go hungry is devastating for these mothers. Kadzo said, “It makes me very sad seeing my children like that. I cry so much when I see them going hungry.”

Help Feed A Family In Kenya

But you have the power to make a difference! For just $45, you can send a delivery of food to Kenya that will feed a family of 5 for an entire month. Operation Blessing teams are on the ground distributing these food packages right now. But our inventory of these live-giving resources is running low. Will you give $45 to feed a family in Kenya for a month?

To help rush emergency food to drought-stricken Kenya, visit

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