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A Future in Sight Without Cataracts

Field Report by Operation Blessing

INDIA – Like most children, Alfa loved to play with her younger siblings, Umara and Ibrahim. Yet for these three children in India, the world was growing darker. Cataracts were stealing their vision and blurring their futures. But you gave them hope when they needed it most. Hope for a future without cataracts.

By the time Alfa was 10 years old, she was nearly blind and needed constant assistance—even to walk. School frustrated her. “I had a hard time studying, especially writing,” she said. “I was not able to write properly and keep a straight line.” To make matters worse, Umara and Ibrahim also struggled to see.

overcoming cataracts

All Three Children in India Needed Surgery

Alfa’s parents took them to a nearby hospital, but the answer was devastating: All the children needed surgery. “We come from a very poor family background,” their mother, Afreen, cried as she shared with us. “There was no way we could afford even one surgery, let alone three. So, we just came back home.”

Tajuddin, Alfa’s father, worked hard so that Afreen could stay home to help the children with their many unique needs. “I felt completely helpless,” he told us. “I worked all day in the fields and came home to see my children struggling. I could not sleep peacefully at night.”

Then you shined a light into their darkness and provided cataract surgery for all three children in India. Their lives were immediately transformed. As soon as they returned home, they were able to see clearly enough to play with each other without assistance.

able to see after surgery

A Future Without Cataracts

Today, Alfa happily sees a world that’s in focus. “I love playing outside. I’m doing well in my school, and I can do all my my homework on my own.” Her confidence is growing, and her future looks promising.

“I can see joy in my children,” Afreen said. The worry and burden she carried for so long is now relieved, thanks to your love and support. “I want to thank everyone who helped us.”

Your compassion gave this precious family hope and a new beginning. They can now see a future that is clear and bright. A future without cataracts obscuring their hopes and dreams.

healed from cataracts

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