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Bring Clean Water to Osocco This World Water Day!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

OSOCCO, PERU – The people of Osocco, Peru need your help! For years, this small community in the highlands of Peru has struggled with access to clean water.

The community consists of 28 families who all bear the burden of dirty water. An old manual-pump well exists, but the water is yellow and contaminated. They need to walk 40 minutes to the nearest town for better water. But even then the water is scarce and unreliable.

Balvina, a resident of Osocco, told Operation Blessing staff of how her daughter, Yareli, fell ill when she accidentally drank the dirty water. “It affected my daughter when she drank the water,” said Balvina, “she got a stomach infection and she had a fever and diarrhea.”

Balvina and her neighbors desperately need a miracle. And this World Water Day, you have the power to provide one! Operation Blessing’s clean water team worked to develop a comprehensive water solution that will provide Osocco with a reliable source of clean water for years to come. With your help, we can make this water system a reality and radically change the lives of these precious families.

Visit to bring clean water to Balvina, Yareli, and the residents of Osocco!

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