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Aid for Victims of Forest Fires in Ukraine

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LUHANSK, UKRAINE – For over 6 years now, millions of people have been suffering the consequences of the active armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. On September 13th of this year, the situation was aggravated by multiple forest fires in Ukraine which swept across the Luhansk region. As a result of these 146+ fires, multiple villages were completely wiped out. The forest fires in Ukraine raged for over 24 hours. Local agencies reported that the fires destroyed over 500 homes, and took 11 lives.

Operation Blessing staff in Ukraine visited the affected village of Sirotino. Because the fires were so strong, and weather conditions so poor, nothing remains of this village. OB staff interviewed several now homeless residents to hear their stories. One resident told us how she felt helpless staring at the flames threatening to consume her home. “I just stood there hugging my husband, and he told me, ‘Look! Our house is on fire! And the roof is falling!’ The whole street was devoured by fire, and I told him, ‘Look, Sasha, we are in hell.'”

But thanks to you, these homeless fire victims received a glimmer of hope. Your generosity provided over 250 food packs to the victims of the forest fires in Ukraine. In addition to the food, the residents also received emotional and spiritual support from Operation Blessing staff members. None of this would be possible without your help.

Thank you for your heart for victims of disasters like the fires in Ukraine.

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