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Blessed Through Nourishment 

Field Report by Operation Blessing

VIRGINIA – Retired and living on a fixed income, Winifred knows just how difficult it can be making ends meet in today’s economy. Having worked many years for a Virginia-based shipyard, she thought retirement would offer her a chance to rest after years of hard work. But instead, Winifred has been struggling to even buy food due to rising inflation. Thanks to your generous support, she doesn’t have to weather the storm and fight inflation alone.

Because of faithful donors like you, Winifred was able to turn to Netcasters Kitchen, a food distribution partner of Operation Blessing. There, Winifred is able to receive food without paying the high grocery store prices.“It makes a difference, makes a great difference,” Winifred said. “I don’t have to worry about going to the store to get this or get that. Basically, they give you everything that you need. Fresh food and canned food and pastries … all that good stuff.”

Winifred is not only able to benefit physically, but she also receives spiritual support with every visit to Netcasters Kitchen. “It’s great. They start to pray for you. And, you know, some of us don’t get prayer unless we come through this line… I feel God’s love all the time. I know He loves all of us.”

hunger relief efforts in Virginia

Your Generosity Has Helped People Cope with Rising Inflation

Through the uncommon kindness of donors like you and the efforts of Netcasters Kitchen, Winifred can keep food on the table without straining her tight budget.

“You learn how to maintain. That’s what you got to do,” Winifred explained. “When you get this stuff at the food bank, and you see the price of the stuff in the store, you’re like, ‘Thank you, Jesus,’ because you don’t have to pay the high price to get the healthy meals.”

Your support continues to offer hope and positively impact lives across the United States. Thank you for embodying the love of God through the essential gift of food and helping seniors like Winifred fight inflation.

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