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Blessings Magazine December 2020

You Are Giving from the Heart

You gave one family help when they needed it most

Also in this issue:

  • Happenings – Catch up with the goings on at Operation Blessing!
  • No Room in the Inn – Your giving heart provided a fresh start for a young mother in Guatemala
  • You’ve Been There in the Toughest Times—OB friends give disaster relief throughout the year
  • Hope Over Hunger – You are feeding hungry families during the coronavirus crisis
  • The Secret Ingredient – Your kindness was exactly what Maria needed to turn her cooking business around
  • Back-to-Back Hurricanes: Continuing Relief –You helped after Hurricane Delta struck on the heels of Laura

Right now, your support is blessing those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some of the ways you are helping:

  • YOU are providing food and other relief items to many struggling American families who have lost income, businesses, and jobs
  • OB is providing thousands of N-95 masks, and other critical items to hospitals, police departments, municipalities, and other front line workers and first responders in the United States
  • In Peru, Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, Kenya, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico, OB offices are manufacturing chlorine to make disinfectant for local hospitals and government agencies
  • Your support has provided masks, foot coverings, soap, gloves, gowns, and other medical supplies to 20 hospitals in the Philippines
  • Thanks to your generosity, food is being supplied to those in need in Guatemala, South Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, Germany, and Ukraine
  • Supporters like YOU have enabled door to door deliveries of food to at-risk people in the U.S.

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