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Burden Lifted For Kentucky Tornado Victims

Field Report by Kevyn Barnes

After an EF4 tornado struck Kathy’s town of Russellville, Kentucky, her home was left with serious damage. The storm hit as part of a string of deadly tornadoes that ravaged Kentucky and surrounding areas in December. Due to the building’s damaged ceilings and walls, as well as debris in her yard, single mother Kathy and her family needed help—and fast.

When Kathy learned that Operation Blessing teams were working in Russellville, she reached out for help with fixing the holes in her ceiling that had been created by the storm. Thanks to friends like you, not only did she receive the assistance she needed to repair her roof, but volunteers also helped clean up her yard and install new sheetrock and insulation inside her home!

“I credit God for getting us through the storm aftermath and helping us get it all cleaned up,” said Kathy. “Like today—for Operation Blessing coming in and helping us redo walls and windows and all they’re helping us with. I credit God for all that.”


For Operation Blessing coming in and helping us redo walls and windows and all they’re helping us with, I credit God for all that.


The aid came as a true blessing for Kathy, who lives on a limited disability income. She shared that it was already difficult enough providing for her teenage twin girls and her niece, but with the added weight of home repairs, she didn’t know how she would make it. That’s when you stepped in to make a difference.

Recovery For Kentucky Tornado Victims

Because of you, volunteers worked on the sheetrock on her ceilings and walls, laid down new flooring in her laundry room, and installed new windows—all steps on the road to recovery for Kathy and her family.

For Kathy, the facelift to her laundry room proved especially exciting. Until then, she had been limited in how often she could do something as simple as wash clothes, often having to wait for the electrical sockets to dry from rain leaking through the roof. She’s extremely thankful to God and Operation Blessing partners for reaching out to her and her family when they needed it most.

“Operation Blessing being here is really a blessing,” said Kathy. “It means so much to me. They will never know how much it means to me.”

Thank you for your heart to help victims of disaster in the U.S. and around the world. The work you make possible through Operation Blessing brings relief and hope for Kentucky tornado victims in their darkest times. May God bless you for your kindness and compassion!


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