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Operation Blessing Responds to Catastrophic Flooding in Texas and Brazil

Field Report by Operation Blessing

TEXAS & BRAZIL – In recent weeks, catastrophic flooding has devastated communities across Texas and Brazil, leaving countless families in desperate need of assistance. Operation Blessing is on the ground in both regions, providing critical relief supplies and support to those affected by these unprecedented floods.

Brazil Flooding
Texas Flooding

Catastrophic Flooding in Texas

In Texas, nearly two months of heavy rainfall led to severe flash flooding, inundating streets and submerging vehicles and homes. Some authorities have stated that this storm event has been worse than Hurricane Harvey. The rainfall plunged roadways underwater and forced rivers to overflow, leading to evacuations and water rescues. Hundreds of homes and businesses have flooded, and many school districts have canceled classes due to the dangerous conditions.

Operation Blessing, in partnership with Hi-Way Tabernacle Church in Cleveland, Texas, is responding by providing more than 14 tons of essential relief supplies, including emergency meal kits, clean water, and disaster cleanup kits. Operation Blessing staff are also assessing the needs of the affected communities to determine where else they can provide assistance.

Worst Flooding on Record in Brazil

Meanwhile, in Brazil, the city of Porto Alegre experienced the worst flooding on record, with some areas receiving as much as 17.5 feet of water. The torrential rains caused landslides, collapsed bridges, and washed-out roads, resulting in at least 83 fatalities and forcing 115,000 people from their homes.

State Governor Eduardo Leite emphasized the severity of the situation, stating, “I repeat and insist: the devastation to which we are being subjected is unprecedented.” He added that the state will need a “kind of ‘Marshall Plan’ to be rebuilt.”

With more than 800,000 people now cut off from water supply, Operation Blessing’s international disaster relief team is preparing to provide clean water to those in need through partnerships with local churches. Our team also plans to distribute solar lamps and potentially food due to widespread power outages.

Supporting Flood Victims

As families in Texas and Brazil grapple with the aftermath of these catastrophic floods, Operation Blessing is committed to providing critical assistance and support. Relief staff are working tirelessly to assess the needs of the affected communities and deliver essential relief supplies to those who need them most. And you can help!

We’re dedicated to helping flood victims together in this challenging time. Through local partnerships and the help of friends like you, we will bring hope and relief to the countless families affected by these catastrophic flooding events.

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