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Helping Displaced Texas Flood Victims in Need

Field Report by Operation Blessing

TEXAS – In the wake of devastating floods that ravaged communities in Cleveland, Texas, Operation Blessing, has stepped in to provide crucial relief. The disaster response team has been working tirelessly to aid those in need, particularly focusing on assisting displaced residents and homeless flood victims.

A Lifeline for the Displaced

As the floodwaters surged through the area, many found themselves in dire circumstances, losing what little they had. Tammy, a local volunteer who serves the homeless population in Cleveland, witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of the floods on those already facing homelessness.

“A lot of these people have lived out here for several months,” Tammy shared. “They have a livable system, and they work together out here. They’ve lost what little they’ve been able to acquire.”

Bringing Hope to Homeless Texas Flood Victims

Amidst the chaos and loss, Operation Blessing’s team brought hope and relief to those in need. We distributed emergency meal kits, clean water, tarps, and other essential supplies to families along the river and in the displaced homeless camps.

“I prayed this morning. We didn’t have the provisions, and I said, ‘I need the provisions. I’ll be your feet.’ And I pulled up, and Operation Blessing was there,” Tammy gratefully shared. “Their vehicles, they had the boxes; they had the provisions.”

Shawn, a part of the homeless community, expressed his gratitude for your generosity. “We pray every day; God provides every day. And we’re glad to have you folks, and we’re very grateful to receive these blessings.”

Texas Flood Victims

The Impact of Flood Relief in Cleveland, Texas

The relief efforts provided by Operation Blessing have been a lifeline for those affected by the Texas floods, not only meeting their immediate needs but also reminding them that they are not forgotten.

“Operation Blessing has been an answered prayer, literally, for us,” Tammy said. “And to know that we are not alone in this. Operation Blessing has come out alongside us to partner with us, to show them God’s love, and to show them that they truly are not forgotten about.”

As the recovery process continues, your support remains crucial in helping Texas flood victims, especially the homeless and displaced, rebuild their lives. YOU are making a tangible difference with your partnership and support. Your kindness is helping the people who often get forgotten. Please continue to let your light shine and help flood victims in places like Cleveland, Texas.

homeless flood victims in Texas

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