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Celebrate Christmas In Japan With Origami Snowflakes

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Experience Christmas In Japan With This FREE Origami Snowflake Project

It’s Christmas time in Japan! Follow along with Operation Blessing partners as we make a Japanese origami snowflake.

Similarly, you can find Christmas traditions all over the world. These holiday traditions come from just about every corner of the globe, from North America to the Far East. When it comes to Japan, origami is a great way to celebrate the holidays with their unique cultural art form.

Christmas In Japan And Origami Decorations

Origami is a tradition with origins in the Far East. The meticulous art of folding and manipulating paper to create designs has become a tradition in the “Land of the Rising Sun.” Bring to this elegant craft the joy of Christmas and you have a new way to celebrate the holiday. Come learn how to make origami snowflakes and create a beautiful ornament or holiday decoration.

Origami Snowflakes

Now it is time to immerse yourself in this holiday craft project. There are a couple of ways you can do this. One way is to follow along with this simple video. You can do this here at the Operation Blessing website or directly on the YouTube platform. One advantage of using the video is you can pause the screen as you complete different steps. This allows you to work at your own pace without the pressure of having to keep up.

If you click over to YouTube you can use the time stamp as well. The time stamp has all the steps in an easy clickable format. At any time you can click on any part of the time stamp and go to that part of the video. Before you know it you are making Origami snowflakes inspired by Christmas in Japan.

Japanese Origami Snowflake

Time Stamp For Origami Snowflake Project

Here are the different steps broken out by when they occur in the video

00:00:09  First Steps: Paper

00:00:25  First Folds

00:00:37 Top Right Corner

00:00:49 Top Left Corner

00:00:55 Fold Triangle Corners

00:01:12 Folding Sides To Center

00:01:26 Folding Up And Left

00:01:37 Folding bottom Corners

00:01:47 Fold Over

00:01:53 Folding Backwards

00:01:57 Then Flip

00:01:59 Make A Tail

00:02:06 Fold Tail In Half

00:02:13 Repeat 5X

00:02:25 Insert Tail Into Pocket

00:02:31 Connect The Pieces

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