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Cervical Cancer Screening Brings Hope To Haitian Women

Field Report by Operation Blessing

HAITI – A positive test result on a cervical cancer screening could drive anyone into bouts of anxiety. But because YOU helped, Sinfanie’s brush with cervical cancer actually turned out to have a positive ending. Forty-year-old Sinfanie lives in one of the poorest areas in Haiti. She had never been screened for cervical cancer in Haiti. This type of service is just not available where she lives.

Women have to go to the city—a trip that’s too far and too costly—to have this important diagnostic test done at private facilities, which often includes expensive fees. For years, Sinfanie has been looking for more affordable options but found none.

Detecting Cervical Cancer In Haiti

So when she learned that Operation Blessing was in town to provide this test for free, she got really excited. She woke up early that morning and was one of the first in line at the center. We had trained a specialized team of three nurses and a gynecologist, and they came prepared for any test result.

Hand in hand with kind donors like you, Operation Blessing brought all the supplies needed for cancer screening and treatment, as well as to conduct cervical cancer prevention training and treat lesions before they could turn into cancer. The team welcomed Sinfanie and the other women with open arms. She was happy to have the screening done, and then she waited for the result.

Her test turned out positive for a precancerous condition. In fact, of the 94 tests done that day, 16 women were positive for a cancerous or a precancerous condition. But Operation Blessing knew how to properly deliver this news to Sinfanie and how to provide proper care to help stave off cervical cancer in Haiti. A trained gynecologist gently explained to Sinfanie that they had found evidence of an infection on her cervix. If left untreated, cancer could develop—and spread. Without this lifesaving test, Sinfanie wouldn’t have known that a silent killer might be growing inside of her.

Thanks to support from friends like you, Sinfanie and the others underwent treatment for their conditions. This included thermocoagulation, painkillers and antibiotics. Sinfanie also has an appointment for reevaluation in her area.

She is so relieved. “Without this opportunity, the disease could develop inside my body and this infection could even develop into full-fledged cancer,” she said. “You saved my life!” Together with you, we are conquering this hidden killer for women living in the poorest of nations. Thank you for caring enough to give.

Early detection is the best prevention!

In Haiti … every year, approximately 588 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer while about 75% of these die from their cancer.
cervical cancer in haiti

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