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Wildfire Medical Relief: A Mission of Healing in Chile

Field Report by Michael Saks

CHILE – In the aftermath of Chile’s devastating wildfires, the charred landscape of Miraflores near Valparaiso is a stark reminder of the disaster’s wrath. Amidst this desolation, Operation Blessing stands as a beacon of hope, delivering vital wildfire medical relief to affected communities grappling with loss and the daunting task of recovery.

Operation Blessing’s Medical Tent: A Haven in the Ashes

Gustavo Angel, the OB Medical Director, has been ministering medical assistance with a dedicated team to residents who have faced the fires’ fury. The community’s resilience is palpable as families, having lost nearly everything, return to their land to confront the reality of their razed homes and begin the arduous process of rebuilding.

medical aid for wildfire victims

Wildfire Medical Relief Amidst Recovery

The medical tent established by Operation Blessing is more than just a structure; it’s a symbol of care and support, providing first-level medical care, essential medicines, wound care, and health therapies. For those living out in the open, vulnerable to the conditions wrought by the fire, this medical support is a lifeline.

Comfort Food and Community Support

Diego Traverso, Director of International Disaster Relief, brings updates from a food truck serving hot meals to families. In collaboration with Youth With a Mission from Santiago, the team provides not just sustenance but also a sense of normalcy through comfort food, allowing families to nourish their bodies and spirits as they continue the hard work of cleaning and rebuilding.

The Difference YOU Are Making

Operation Blessing is committed to remaining in the region, extending their stay to support the ministries and churches actively working in the field. The success of these relief efforts hinges on the generosity of those who support Operation Blessing’s mission, enabling them to offer assistance where it’s needed most. The difference you are making cannot be said enough. Your prayers, contributions, and endless support stands as a light to people who have lost everything. Thank you for such a heart to help people in need and show them the love of Christ. Please continue to support our wildfire relief efforts in Chile.

Please continue to support our efforts and help heartbroken but grateful disaster survivors. Visit and continue to bless the wildfire victims in Chile!

care for Chile wildfire victims

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