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Food and Water for Chile Wildfire Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

CHILE – The recent wildfire has left thousands of homes in ashes. Many families are in desperate need of critical items like food and water. In response, Operation Blessing and Vina Puerto Church have started relief efforts to address Chile wildfire victims’ most pressing needs.

Opening a Soup Kitchen: Nourishment for Wildfire Victims

Partnerships with friends like you have given birth to a soup kitchen in the heart of the disaster zone. This kitchen serves as a hub for sending hot, nutritious meals to the various communities ravaged by the wildfires. Thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers and the essential kitchen equipment and supplies provided through your compassion, daily meals are reaching those who have suffered immense loss.

soup kitchen for Chile wildfire victims

Clean Water: A Vital Resource

In addition to the providing of food, Operation Blessing is collaborating with Sibaros, a local brand that has dedicated its resources to producing clean, purified water. This water is canned and handed out freely to those affected by the fires. This effort is not only a testament to community spirit but also to the power of partnership in times of need, as Sibaros forgoes profit to prioritize humanitarian aid.

Your Support Has Made THE Difference

The work being done in Chile is only made possible by YOU! Your endless generosity and loving kindness are allowing us to help people who are in dire circumstances. You are giving supplies to families who are homeless. Imagine how comforting a fresh, hot meal is to someone who has lost everything. Please continue to support our efforts and help heartbroken but grateful disaster survivors. Visit and continue to bless the wildfire victims in Chile!

food and water for Chile wildfire victims

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