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Flowing Streams of Mercy

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

PERU – Luisa lives nestled among the rough terrain of Puno in the Sales Grande community of Peru, hours from the nearest city. Surviving in her area comes with a lot of challenges, including the need for clean water solutions. Additionally, She lost her husband six years ago, leaving her alone in the vastness of the highlands. All her sons have married and are raising families of their own in larger cities. 

Luisa is overjoyed thanks to clean water solutions.

The Burden Of Collecting Water, And The Need For Clean Water Solutions

Luisa is 70 years old, but she still fills her days with work, waking early each morning to tend to her livestock. She must collect water for them and herself, requiring her to search out sources of water. But these sources were always far away and seldom clean. She risked her health if she drank the water.

“After my husband passed away, I no longer had someone to accompany me to collect water,” Luisa explained. “I would have to ask someone to help me carry it home. But many times, I would have to carry it home in small buckets because otherwise it was too heavy for me.”

Fresh Clean Water Made Possible With Your Donations

But thanks to you, Operation Blessing was able to act when we learned of the need in her community for clean water solutions. With your help, the local OB staff developed a water project and constructed a system to allow locals to obtain clean drinking water through natural filters and chlorinators close to their homes.

Luisa raises her hands in thanks for clean water.

Your Love Has Blessed This Community With Safe Water

You have greatly improved the quality of life in this community! Luisa can now easily access water from a faucet near her home. This will not only relieve her of the stress and physical strain of fetching water, but it will improve the overall health of her drinking, eating and cleaning activities. She is now overwhelmed with thanksgiving.

“Oh God, my Lord, thank You so much for this blessing!” Luisa said.

Thank you for caring for a widowed woman amid her struggle. You have not only blessed Luisa but the entire community she calls home.

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