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You Are Making a World of Difference with Clean Water Solutions

Field Report by Operation Blessing

WORLDWIDE – Did you know that through your partnership with Operation Blessing you are making a world of difference with sustainable water solutions. All around the globe, you are changing lives every day, and one of the amazing ways you’re doing this is through clean water. Today we’d like to introduce you to a few of the people who’ve had their lives transformed thanks to your love and care.

Transforming The Lives Of School Children With Sustainable Water Solutions

The struggle to access water—even dirty water—is common in rural villages around the world. Without a reliable supply of clean drinking water, entire families remain entrenched in poverty, unable to focus on anything except basic survival. But your generosity is reaching into mountain valleys, jungles, and deserts to make a difference for generations to come with sustainable water solutions.

Tucked away in the remote mountains of Costa Rica, children like Geovania (age 11) walk for up to an hour through the Palmera Indigenous Reserve just to get to school. The path is rocky. Many children have to cross rivers, which swell with heavy rains, and they can encounter dangerous snakes along the way. When they finally arrive, imagine their disappointment when school is cancelled because there is no water—a journey wasted.

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“In the summer, the river dries up, but in the heavy rainy season, the hose is damaged,” Geovania’s mother, Lucrecia, explains. “If there is no water, they can’t cook, they can’t drink, and the children go back home.” Without classes, the more than 60 students who attend there don’t learn enough to pass their exams.

The problem of drinking water access had been an ongoing one for the elementary school in Palmera Reserve. Sometimes parents came to help their children collect untreated water from a stream three miles away in order to keep the school open. “I was sad to miss my classes,” Geovania told us.

“I would like the school to have water, to study and learn.”

 Friends like you answered her plea! Our compassionate Operation Blessing donors provided a rainwater catchment system that could collect and store more than 5,000 gallons of rainwater. Enough water would then be cleaned, filtered, and pumped to the school to cover the basic needs of 100 teachers, students, and visitors. And the rainwater harvesting system would keep the school open!

You are giving hope, comfort, and joy to so many in their darkest hours and paving the way for a brighter future through the gift of clean water. 

Bringing Hope For Future Generations With Safe Drinking Water

On the other side of the world, Neelmuni raised livestock on a small piece of land in India. The closest source of water was the river a half-mile away—only accessible by a treacherous path through fields and jungles. Sometimes, she made the trip three or four times a day in the subtropical heat to collect enough water for her family and animals. During the rainy season, the ground became slick, and the water she brought home was full of silt. 

The journey was tiring and difficult, Neelmuni didn’t ask for help. Her husband, frequently weakened by tuberculosis, was not strong enough to travel and Neelmuni insisted her two sons focus on their education.

When your love supplied a water pump to Neelmuni’s community, she couldn’t contain her joy. Neelmuni would no longer have to make the long journey to the river several times each day and her sons would never have to endure to what she did to access clean drinking water for their own families someday.

Offering Comfort To Those In Need With Clean Water Solutions

After a deadly earthquake struck Morocco, families in small villages struggled to climb out of the rubble and rebuild their lives. Residents like Khadija were afraid to drink the water for fear that it might have become contaminated. The damage from a major disaster often disrupts clean water access to victims.

Your generous support brought much-needed food, tents, clothing, and hygiene supplies to the suffering people in Morocco. But you didn’t stop there. Your kindness also alleviated Khadija’s fears by providing portable water filters. These people no longer have to worry about drinking dirty water, thanks to clean water solutions from you!

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