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Aiding Displaced Ukraine Mothers and Children

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Since the war, so many displaced Ukraine mothers and children are struggling with determining their next steps. The Russian invasion has disrupted every facet of life for these families. Many now find themselves in a new country, not knowing anyone or speaking the language.

To make matters worse, the war has called many men to stay behind and fight. Someone has to stay to defend their homes, but the cost is high. Without the input or support of husbands and fathers, displaced mothers and children are left alone to navigate the unknown.

Helping Displaced Ukraine Mothers And Children

But thanks to the generous gifts of faithful partners, Operation Blessing is able to meet these families in their need and offer assistance and encouragement. From greeting weary mothers and children entering Poland to delivering essential items, Operation Blessing is bringing comfort to people in desperate need.

We deliver food, hygiene products, and other crucial supplies to shelters and centers for displaced families. These items are critical in this difficult time and often hard to come by.

Your support for Ukraine mothers and children makes this help possible! Generous friends like you can give real hope to the hopeless. Make your gift today! And please pray for the suffering in Ukraine.

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