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Escaping Sex Trafficking In Mexico

Field Report by Operation Blessing

In Mexico the non-profit “El Pozo De Vida” functions as a refuge for women who have been trafficked and sexually abused. They provide a safe space for these women to live and recuperate from the trauma of sex trafficking. But the safe-home they were renting for these precious women was just not able to meet their needs. These girls needed a space of their own.

That’s when Operation Blessing stepped in and helped move the girls to a brand new house large enough to expand the population from 10 to 22 girls. Not only that, but Operation Blessing renovated the home and provided the furnishings and many of the tools necessary for these girls to learn new trades and begin the healing process. With this new safe-home, El Pozo De Vida became exactly that – The Well of Life.

Together, Operation Blessing and El Pozo De Vida are giving these girls a place where they can feel safe and begin to acquire the tools they need to be self-sufficient and successful in the world such as bakery training and barista training. And none of this would have been possible without you, our generous donors. Thank you so much for support of Operation Blessing and our efforts to break the cycle of suffering in Mexico, and around the world.

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