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Love and Chickens Help a Family Fight Hunger

Field Report by Operation Blessing

THAILAND – Your love is reaching around the world and blessing so many hurting families in need. Children like Malik (age 6) have food today because you came to their rescue. Malik loved helping her grandmother. She cleaned the house and raised chickens on their poultry farm. “Grandma loves me and my brother,” said Malik. “She takes care of us.”

The chickens helped provide for their needs and put food on the table. But for Grandma Aon, raising her grandchildren by herself was hard. And then the unthinkable happened: a flood washed away their farm. Overnight, Grandma Aon had nothing left and no way to support her family without help from friends like you.

Thailand hunger relief through a chicken business

“I was very stressed,” Grandma Aon told us. “I have nothing to invest to buy more chickens.” She knew that finding a job would be difficult, but she needed to support her grandchildren. “Who will hire me? I did not know what to do.”

Eventually, their money ran out. Grandma Aon could no longer afford to buy food, except for a little rice. She boiled it for Malik and her brother first. “Grandma put salt on the rice for me because we had no money,” Malik said. “She told me to eat first, and she would eat what was left.”

The burden was too heavy on her grandmother. Sometimes, she simply broke down. Malik stayed by her side and tried to encourage her. “When I saw Grandma cry, I would wipe her tears and say, ‘Don’t cry. God will be with us.’”

Grandma Aon continued to seek God for an answer. “I prayed and asked Him to provide money so I could raise chickens once again. One night, I had a dream about some people from Bangkok who would teach me about raising something.”

Your Kindness Helps a Family Fight Hunger with a Chicken Business

Her dream came true! Through your generosity, our Operation Blessing team in Bangkok had the opportunity to train Grandma Aon in the skills she needed to run a business. You also gave her 300 chickens along with the feed and supplies she needed to relaunch her business. Then you went above and beyond to provide her family with enough food until the chickens were old enough to sell.

Malik jumped in and began to help her grandmother feed the chickens and fill their water buckets. “I’m glad Grandma has work to do and has income,” she said. “I am glad that I can help her.”

And Grandma Aon’s business is thriving once again. Since it relaunched, she has raised and sold nearly 700 chickens and says that her family is no longer hungry, thanks to you! She is grateful for all God has done through your love and support. “God has answered my prayer. God has brought His people to care for me. I have peace and joy now. Thanks for helping us.”

Hunger relief in Thailand

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