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Food for Flood Victims in Brazil

Field Report by Operation Blessing

BRAZIL – Operation Blessing is still in Novo Hamburgo near Porto Alegre, weeks after the flood disaster struck the area. With so much of the area reeling from catastrophic floods, many families are dependent on your generosity. Providing food for flood victims still remains a critical task to help displaced families.

Franciele, mother of three, and flood victim, shared her experience. “Because of the rain, we didn’t sleep for three nights. Then the police and town guards came to tell us we had to leave our home. We took our son with only the clothes on our back and left.” She continued, “We haven’t gone back because our house is full of water, so that’s why we’re at the shelter today.”

providing flood relief in Brazil

Helping Families Who Have Lost Everything

Families lost everything, even hope. But with your consistent support, Operation Blessing is committed to be there as a ray of hope in the name of Jesus. Likewise, we are partnering with the local church. Pastor Lucio of Spring Lutheran Primavera Church told us, “We saw that the children and families were desperate because they had to leave their homes. So very early, we created a church team to lead the volunteers to help them.”

Providing Food for Flood Victims and More

Families were lining up for hours to receive what Operation Blessing brought them. But our team is doing much more than just providing food for flood victims. We’re distributing hygiene essentials and blankets as well. Franciele said, “The food boxes are wonderful, and the food is very good. If it weren’t for these donations and this packed food, I don’t know what we’d do.” We are here in Brazil still because of your prayers. Your support is so valuable because it means we can keep supporting the people that are suffering all over the world.

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Pastor Lucio shared his thanks, “Operation Blessing has helped us, and I want to thank their volunteers. I pray Operation Blessing can continue to be a great help.” He continued, “I would ask the supporters to keep going. Continue praying, and continue bringing donations for these people.” Franciele said, “I’m just grateful for everything. For the warmth and the welcome. I thank God and everyone who has done everything possible and impossible to help us.” You can support even more families when you visit today!

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