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Lives Turned Around By Food Ministry

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Joelle Allen has a job she loves with Lighthouse Gospel Mission, a ministry that partners with Operation Blessing. Like so many food ministries, they help provide hunger relief to people in need. Thanks to your support, Lighthouse Gospel Mission helps provide assistance for those facing food insecurity in Florida. Through their partnership with Operation Blessing, they help feed hungry and hurting people. Located in Riverview, Florida, they serve the Tampa Bay community. As a part of this ministry, it has been a blessing to Joelle to be able to help.  

But things haven’t always been easy. When she first came to the ministry she was a single mother seeking healing from a life of drug addiction and abuse. As she turned her life around, she met her future husband, Keith, who was also a single parent. But a week after they started dating, Keith lost his job. Now Keith was dealing with food scarcity and food insecurity in Florida.  

Amid the turmoil, blessings showed up. Joelle and Keith began receiving food and hygiene items from Operation Blessing partners through Lighthouse Gospel Mission. They relied on regular visits to feed their family. After a year, Joelle received a job offer from Lighthouse. She managed the women’s ministry for four and a half years. Keith now works in sales, but he will never forget this season of his life. Your blessings and generosity helped him overcome his situation. Your gifts provided food to get them through. Thank you! To get involved, visit

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