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Hot Meals For Children in Hampton Roads

Field Report by Operation Blessing

HAMPTON ROADS, VIRGINIA – George Quesenberry serves as the Food Operations Manager for Operation Blessing Disaster Relief. George and the food operations team have provided scores of meals to help battle food insecurity and provide hunger relief after natural disasters. Usually, George spends his time in the mobile kitchen, cooking up food for staff, volunteers, and victims of disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. But thanks to you, George and his team are cooking for those in need right here at home.

Thanks to your generosity, Operation Blessing has partnered with For Kids, an after-school program for underprivileged children. George is currently focusing his efforts on helping to fight food insecurity in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and provide hunger relief through this partner organization. Some of these children can’t go home until late at night. Because of this, For Kids was in need of food supplies for the children they cared for. And you provided! Your generosity allowed George and his team to cook up delicious, healthy meals to be delivered to For Kids. Many children face food insecurity in Hampton Roads, and depend on the meals that George and his team prepare. Thanks to you, children in Hampton Roads will go home with full stomachs. Visit to learn more about Operation Blessing’s hunger relief programs. Thank you for your incredible generosity!

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